Projects Starting a Business

Being a Team of One is Exhausting 😩

One of the things I underestimated when starting my own business is how many little tiny details I’d have to track and complete. I’m a 10 thousand-foot-level sort. The nitty-gritty just doesn’t come naturally. Programming has improved that skill but it’s definitely a learned skill.

It’s killing me with all these projects though. I’m starting to suspect the reason I rarely ever finish my own projects is the last 10% or so of any project is so grueling and tedious I just give up and promise myself I’ll finish it later at some forever-future date.

With all the pressure to produce and produce quickly I’m trying a new strategy: Kick things out the door with immutable deadlines whether they’re ready or not. It’s horrible. It’s painful. My inner perfectionist has filed a restraining order, but it’s the only way I can find to get used to getting things out the door. The deadline forces me to plow through as much of the tedious 10%, all the nastiness I put off, as possible and the project goes out into the world, one way or another. Of course this won’t cut it for clients, but I also can spend more time on client work. All these personal projects are squeezed into whatever free time and energy I can scrape together. I don’t have the luxury of time to make them perfect. Only to make them ship.

This site is a perfect example. I promised myself for years I’d rebuild scribbling ink from the barely formed ashes of a Squarespace account I could no longer afford. It never happened because I never had time to do it right. I still don’t have time to do it right. But at least now it exists. That’s a huge improvement.

Thanks for reading!