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Hello, World! Happy Pi Day

A hand-drawn crane in black ink, holding a calligraphy brush in its beak and finishing the last stroke in the phrase "Hello, world!" The Crane is standing on one foot with its wings outstretched for balance. Its neck is bent to reach the bottom of the word. It's other foot is resting on an ink well.

Hello there!

Thank you for visiting my site. It’s still a little rough, but it’s good practice to go against my perfectionist tendencies and just put something out there.

Anyway, this site is very different from my other sites in a lot of ways.

First, it’s just a normal WordPress theme. For my professional sites I use a site builder to save time and work faster. This personal site will let me experiment with code directly, and keep my skills sharp while trying new things.

Second, it’s a place to share personal projects, ideas, experiments, my lunch. There are a lot of stuff I play around with, thoughts I have, things I want to write about, that have nothing to do with work and don’t belong in my professional portfolio. This is my outlet for those things. From here, current friends and friends I have yet to meet can see what I’m up to and tell me what they think.

Third, I need to fill a whole in my heart that looks an awful lot like an “f” in a blue box next to an old fashioned, psycodelic camera. Both Facebook and instagram no longer make me feel connected, and their parent company has made it abundantly clear how it sees its users. I miss the connection I felt on social media of days gone by. I don’t think this site is the solution on its own. It’s more like my data’s home base. From here I can send my ideas out to wherever my friends are, and maybe try out some more open, user centered alternatives. If anyone wants to join me in trying these out, I will link to them and we can try them together.

That’s really it. By creating this site I have a place on the web I control where my data is my own and I can share it as I wish. Once again, I have a place where I can tell people who want to hear what I’m up to, what I’ve been working on, or thinking about. One that isn’t subject to another company’s financial success or latest data mining scheme. Only my ideas, imagination (and my ability to set up consistent backups 😂). I’m really glad you came to visit.

Please stop by anytime!



PS. I was going to talk about Pi Day, but this is already pretty long. I’ll link to my pie day post here.

One reply on “Hello, World! Happy Pi Day”

It’s funny. Writing this post made me feel like a kid again. It just occurred to me while editing this: over a decade ago, a much younger me built a much better WordPress site with a similar mission and wrote a very similar “Hello World” post. I’m kind of afraid to look back at that post to see how similar it might have been. I guess people don’t really change much after all 😂