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Pi Day Love

A crane drawn in black ink with a ruler and rolled up piece of paper tucked under one wing, and holding up a pie with one foot. He is waving with his other wing. Behind him is a Pi symbol in a circle.

Happy Pi day everyone!

I hope you’ve taken the time to measure a few radii and calculate the area and circumferences of your favorite circular objects. Perhaps you’ve gone the extra mile and memorized a few more digits of pi. Regardless if and how you celebrate, I hope you’re having a great day!

My favorite thing about Pi Day is it takes an esoteric mathematical concept and makes it something approachable, lovable, human. We can question whether or not Pi is the most rational choice for this marketing miracle (hehe rational), but no other irrational numbers are so universally recognized or bring a smile to so many faces.

Also, I’m a sucker for less popular holidays. All the fun of mainstream special days with none of the baggage or expectations. All one needs for celebrating pi day is a pie (though if you take the time to calculate the area and circumference of your pie first, you get extra credit). Also if March 14th is too stressful one year, you can skip it with very little chance of scandal and ridicule by your peers. (Imagine what coworkers or classmates might say if you said you were skipping Thanksgiving, provided your country celebrates it). Even if you are having a bad day, a pie might just be the thing you need to turn things around.

If you’re celebrating Pi Day, please send me a pic of your festivities. If not, I promise not to publicly shame you.

Cheers and have a wonderful 3/14!


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